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Twitter Is Relaxing Its 140 Character Limit

Twitter is set to deviate from its 140 character limit to allows its users more creative freedom to convey more within their Tweets.

Much More To Twitter Than 140 Characters

Over its 10 year history Twitter has evolved from its key distinguishing feature of a 140 character limit to include rich media like links, images, video and more. 

Over the next few months changes to the way Twitter counts these elements will change, meaning they no longer 'use up' or count towards a user's character limit.

What Is Changing?

The changes affecting the 140 character limit are:

  • '@name' replies will no longer count towards the character limit, giving users more room to reply effectively particularly in situations where several @name handles are included in the conversation.
  • Media attachments like, images, gifs, videos, polls or quote tweets wont count towards the character limit, meaning users can be include all the visual elements needed to create the desired impact.

Other changes designed to create better useability are:

  • Retweet & Quote Yourself functionality will be enabled to allow users to retweet their own tweets to reitierate important messages and quote themselves to add clarification to existing tweets.
  • No more .@ The universally used .@ feature is used when a user wants to extend the audience of a reply from just the person being replied to all of their followers.  This change will mean any @username reply will be seen by all followers.

The changes are designed to make it easier for new users to pick up how to get the most out of Twitter while fulfilling requested updates from existing users.