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Social Media Fail: Sky TV's #commandtheunsullied

Sky TV has managed to cause a high level of annoyance to Twitter users with its latest social media campaign to promote the latest season of Game Of Thrones.

Sky TV promoted the use of the #commandtheunsullied hashtag which created thousands of bots to bombard any chosen Twitter user.

Twitter SKY TV Game Of Thrones Campaign

The result was an incredible social media fail that effectively spammed Twitter users accounts with mentions and replies.

The campaign provoked responses such as 'Your campaign is TERRIBLE.  It is a fundamental abuse of Twitter' highlighting the need for marketers to understand and consider the protocols and rules of engagement when it comes to using particular social media platforms.  Failure to do so risks the backlash of a vocal social media audience that can very quickly turn a seemingly entertaining campaign into a brand tarnishing one.

SKY TV Social Media Fail