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New Analytics Coming To Instagram

For those marketers using Instagram as part of their social media marketing, one key feature has been seriously lacking - analytics.

First Look At Instagram Analytics

With the reports earlier this year that Instagram were developing Business Profiles, recently leaked details of Instagram's testing reveals new features will deliver insights similar to that of Facebook Pages.

An updated look at the forthcoming features was provided by Later Blog

The below image shows the addition of a graph button on your account page which links to the Insights for who your followers are, where they are located and when they are online.

Instagram Analytics 

DEtailED Instagram Analytics

Marketers running campaigns on Instagram will now be able to delve into detailed information about their followers to gain a better understanding of who they are connecting with.  These insights will help to learn what content is resonating with their audience and provide feedback for future efforts.

Follower Data

  • The range of your followers ages.
  • Where followers are located.
  • The gender split of followers.

Instagram Followers Analytics

Instagram Post Insights

Insights for Instagram posts will provide data to help determine when to schedule your posts as well as revealing what posts receive the most impressions over time. 

Insights will include:

  • Follower Activity: when your followers are interacting with your posts.
  • Top Posts: Which posts have the most impressions for 7 or 30 days.

Instagram top posts analytics