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Interactive Ads Coming To Instagram and Facebook

Social media advertisers will soon be able to create interactive video adverts for their Instagram and Facebook audiences.

Interaction Plus

Video marketing company Innovid is piloting a social video solution allowing users to interact with a video's branded content like extended video, store locators, coupons and more without leaving the post. 


Increased Engagement Levels

The new video format was trialled by British tea and coffee brand Taylors of Harrogate to enable viewers to launch an interactive quiz to discover their "perfect coffee" without exiting the video.  

The results were significant with over 4,000 likes, 400 shares and 280 comments.

With the increasingly dominance of the video format on social, 100M hours of video watched daily, marketers will be keen to make use of new ways to to stand out.

These new video capabilities coupled with Facebook's sophisticated targeting capabilities presents a powerful tool for delivering the information customers want to know about in a more native environment - the social media feed.