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5 Standout Digital Marketing Statistics

This week's fresh batch of digital marketing stats including Facebook Reaction uptake, Cookies and what gets people opening their emails.

1. 97% Of Facebook Reactions Are 'Likes'

Facebook Reactions were released back in Februaray with much fanfare, however a study by quintly of 130,000 posts has found that most Facebook users still use the regular 'Like' button when engaging with posts.  

The new reaction options were intended as a way to let users express in a negative way.  The results of this study serve to reinforce the best way to encourage post engagement is share content that provokes a positive reaction by way of amusement, entertainment or educational.

Facebook -reactions

Source: eMarketer

2. 1/3 Of Internet Users Regularly Delete Cookies

With consumer's online privacy a well documented concern, coupled with the increased use of retargeting tactics by marketers this statistic comes as no big surprise.  People are reacting to these tactics by deleting their cookies effectively resetting the tracking of their movements used to remarket to.

COTD-Charts -10-May -2016-1-in -3-are -regularly -deleting -cookies

Source: GlobalWebIndex




3. What Customers Want From Brand Emails

According to research from Adestra, the main reason people across all age groups sign up to emails are to receive discounts.  Further more speciifcally percentage off discounts were most preferred.  

Reasons -adestra -180416

Source: Marking Profs

4. Long Form Articles Get Twice The Engagement On Smart   

The question of whether long or short form articles are what audiences intereact with more on smartphones has some evidence siding with the long format.  Based on Pew Research, "Long-form news articles get roughly the same number of mobile visitors as short-form articles, but they garner twice as much engaged time. 

Longform -pew -270516


Source: Marketing Prof



5. 85% Of Facebook Videos Are Watched Without Sound

It takes just one look at your Facebook Newsfeed to confirm the massive uptake of video on the social media platform.  However according to multipl publishers up to 85% of the videos are viewed without sound. This stat should serve as a reminder to create videos that can be easily consumed visually via the use of captions.  For more best practice tips for Facebook video, take a look at our post on 10 Tips To Get The Most From Facebook Videos