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The Physical Web: Walk Up And Use Anything

The idea of near field communication and beacons has been developing for a while now with its applications like pay-wave and tap on bus cards.

However with the widespread use of smart phones, location based beacons are set to become a feature of many retail segments looking to give the customer a richer experience.

The Physical Web

The idea of the physical web is to make use of the web's full potential to enable interactions on demand.  Using beacons that broadcast a URL to people nearby via bluetooth technology, businesses will be able to enhance their customer's experience by providing relevant information in the right place.

A key element to unlocking the beacons potential is the use of the web as a universally accessible platform rather than requiring users to install an app for each and every simple interaction. 


How Will The Physical Web Be Used

As the video above suggests, there is plenty of potential for how this technology will be applied and the open sourced nature of it will ensure it is used in some enterprising and exciting ways.

Estimote is one company producing beacons to take advantage of this trend and have produced this video of how it could work in reality.