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Social Media Wrap | March 2016

The social media updates have been coming thick and fast in 2016 so here is our wrap of the key developments so far this year.



  • Canvas: New immersive and expressive ad format.

Facebook first began testing Canvas back in October 2015 with the official launch late last month.

Canvas is a "immersive and expressive experience on Facebook for businesses to tell their stories and showcase their products".

Screen -shot -2016-03-09-at -20118-pm

For a full view of the creative specs of Canvas adverts visit here

  • Live Video Gets Top Priority For News Feed

 Facebook launched Live video to all users in the US in late January.

Facebook -live -video -streaming

To post a live update:

  • Click the Live Video icon in your update status.   
  • Add a short description.
  • Choose your audience to share with.
  • Select go live.

Once your video is broadcasting you will be able to see the number of viewers, their names and any comments.  Once your broadcast has ended your video will be saved to your timeline for future viewing.

A recent update to Facebook's live video has tweaked the algorithm to give preference to live broadcasts in the News Feed so that followers are more likely to see it timely.

  • Instant Articles For All Publishers

January saw the roll out of Instant Articles to New Zealand allowing publishers to take advantage of a faster loading of articles in the News Feed.  

An Instant Article, marked with a lighting bolt, loads up to 10 times faster than a regular link to provide a better reading experience.  In addition features enable easy viewing of auto-play videos, zooming in on high resolution images  and the ability to like individual parts of an article.  

  • Reactions Made Available Globally

After sometime in testing Facebook users can now 'react' with five different emoticons including the regular like button.

What will be interesting is how Facebook intends to use the information they gather to influence the ads that show up in people's News Feed.  Wired wrote a piece that delved into what the Reactions could mean for marketers.  

  • Your Business Story

 To celebrate 3 million businesses advertising on it's platform, Facebook has created Your Business Story to easily create a video that shows "what your business brings to the world".




  • First View

Twitter has developed it's advertising offering with First View, a way that business can gain premium placement for maximum reach.  Advertisers can hold prominence at the top of user's feeds for a 24 hour period.  First View is currently available in the US with it's expansion globally planned for the next few months.

 Twitter First View

  • Best Tweets First

For a moment when Twitter hinted at changes to it's timeline many users were up in arms about the rejig of the timeline to an algorithm similar to that of Facebook.

The Best Tweets First function acts as an extension of the While You Were Away feature to provide you with a summary of tweets you are most likely to care about.

And yes you can opt out of it, if it is not to your liking.

  • GIF Search 

With 100 million GIFs being shared on Twitter, the launch of GIF Search allows users to search and browse a GIF library for the perfect GIF to include in their tweets or Direct Messages.  

Twitter -gif -search 




  • Ability To Switch Between Accounts

To the delight of many social media managers, Instagram has created an easy way to be able to switch between Instagram accounts.  

  • 60 Second Ads

Aiming to capitalise on the continued upward trend of video consumption, Instagram has extended the length of its video ads from 30 to 60 seconds to allow them to be more creative with their message.  Check this ad from T-Mobile featuring Drake.  

Screen -shot -2016-03-14-at -23850-pm 

  • Video View Count

In February Instagram began rolling out Video Views to see how many times your video has been viewed.  The video views will appear where you would normally see Likes.  By clicking on Views you will be able to see individuals who have viewed your video.  For marketers this key analytic will be an important measure of the engagement levels of their videos.



  • Account Targeting Feature

LinkedIn has launched Account Targeting designed for B2B businesses to tailor their Sponsored Updates or Inmail to reach a specific audience that are more relevant for producing actions.  

It works by identifying a list of accounts they would like to target, this list is then used to create a target segment to deliver to.

Customers can then also add filters to define the target segment job function or seniority, to get their content in front of the most appropriate people in the organisation.



  • A Change Of Direction

Meekcat the live streaming app that launched at SXSW last year to much fanfare has looked to a change of direction to continue its development.  That change of direction focuses on evolving its social media features to overcome the challenge of finding enough users willing to create broadcast content.  For more on the challenges Meerkat has faced and its planned direction take a read of the story over at Re/Code  



  • On Demand Geo Filters

Snapchat users have long been able to use user-generated filters to overlay their SnapChats, the platform's conditions have prevented businesses from using them for their own purposes.  Now On-Demand Geofilters allows people and businesses to design, create a geo-location for its use and purchase Geofilters.

How it works:

  • Design — Use your favorite image editor to create a filter. We’ve also provided some templates that are compatible with Photoshop and Illustrator to get you started :)
  • Map — Pick a geofence where your filter will appear, then choose the time and dates you want your Geofilter to be available.
  • Buy — Submit your Geofilter. Our team will quickly review it and, assuming all is well, get it up and running.



  • Adds Rich Data To Pins

Pinterest has added 'rich data' to it's pins for things like recipes, products and destinations.  Rich Pins  include extra information about the pin like maps, addresses, reviews and product availability.  Marketers will be able to use pin categories for app, movie, recipe, article, product and place.  

Rich -pins -pinterest