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How To Retarget Using Facebook Ads

Retargeting using Facebook Ads can be a powerful way of re-engaging people who have already expressed interest in your business. 

Remarketing or retargeting has been an option on Facebook since it introduced Custom Audiences in 2014.  In this post we'll cover how to create custom audiences to retarget, some ways to implement retargeting and some best practice tips.


How To Retarget Using Facebook Custom Audiences

Using the Facebook 'Send People To Your Website' or 'Increase Conversions On Your Website' ad options combined with Custom Audiences enables advertisers to create specific conversion based campaigns targeted at people who have previously visited your website.

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Using the installation of a pixel's code into the header of the relevant page on your website, Facebook can create an audience based on the visitors that hit that page.

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Then you are able to create conditions on who is included in the custom audience.

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Notice you can choose conditions to include or exclude traffic to certain URLs and set a limit on the period the audience is gathered from.

Once you have set your conditions your custom audience will be created and you can proceed with creating your ads creative, budget and schedule.


Ideas Of Ways To Use Retargeting On Facebook

The potential for retargeting on Facebook are several, here are just a few ways you could apply the retargeting capability of Facebook Ads.

  • Retarget an audience that has visited a page but not converted.  For example not completed a sale or signed up to your mailing list.
  • Reaching out to people who have visited a particular information page to show them related or additional information to provide further benefits to them.
  • Reach out to all website visitors (in last 30 days) to broadcast a particular offer or simply to get them to like your FB page.
  • Create a dedicated landing page to narrow the content to guide visitors to a particular conversion.


Best Practice Tips For Retargeting On Facebook

The scope and potential of Facebook retargeting is powerful, however here are some tips to avoid potential negative outcomes.

  • Limit the frequency of your adverts to avoid fatigue or even annoyance from your audience.
  • Refresh your ad's creative, imagery and offer to create a different angle that may have a more effective response.
  • Test different combinations of audiences and ad content.  Analyse each adverts performance in your ad manager for number of conversions, costs per conversion and it's relevancy score.