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Google Adwords Is Getting A Redesign

To keep in sync with the way people find what they want, when they want it, Google Adwords is set to undergo it's first significant upgrade in 15 years.

Realising that people often have 'micro-moments' where they are after a quick source of information about a product or business, they are focusing on updating Adwords for the mobile-first world.

To reflect this Google is embarking on a year long redesign of it's key product.

Using feedback from users large and small it will focus on three key areas:

  • Making it easier to execute and optimise campaigns based on business' unique marketing objectives.
  • Present data more clearly as 'surface insights' to help you visualise them in a more actionable way.
  • Creating an overall simplified set of tools that maintain their powerful capabilities.

The new evolution will also incorporate Google's Material Design that will already be familiar from their other apps like Maps, Search and Gmail.

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