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5 Top Video Creation Tools

With video taking over as the go to format for social media content, it is necessary to have the right tools to get the job done.

Following on from our post on 10 Tips To Get The Most From Facebook Video Ads, here are 5 video tools for social media marketers.


1. iMovie for Mac

iMovie is the go to app for Mac users wanting to edit videos across iPhone, iPad and Mac at 4K resolution.  

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2. Facebook Slideshow Adverts

Facebook's Slideshow tool lets you create videos from 3 to 7 connected photos.  Not the slickest format but more than suitable for social media.

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3. Animoto 

Animoto can create professional video from photos and clips in three easy steps.  Choose your photos or video clips, add text and music then share via your social media channels.


4. Magisto

Magisto is a similar video creation app with three simple steps, upload video, select a theme and soundtrack and then add a title.  The added feature of Magisto's Emotion Sense Technology that use artificial intelligence to edit the video in a way that elicits the right type of emotional response.

Screen -shot -2016-03-16-at -114703-am 


5. Boomerang From Instagram 

Instagram introduced Boomerang last year, an add on feature to its platform that enables users to create a high quality video that stitches together a series of images from a moment to create movement.  Boomerangs can be shot in portrait or landscape and played forward and backwards on a loop.  



Image: Video / Steve Snodgrass / Flickr