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3 Fantastic Tools For Designers

Anytime we can find a tool to make tasks simpler, we are happy to share them.

Here are three tools to help inspire, create and deliver your online projects.


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IconStore is a source of free slick and professional looking icons for your website.  Themes include the regular icons for Social Media buttons and User Interface as well as more specific icons like Food or Sport.


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Zeplin is an app for designers and developers to create style guides for projects.  Everything from fonts, colours and asset design specifications can be recorded, updated, stored and shared making collaboration more efficient and simple to co-ordinate.

Free accounts for single projects with paid accounts for multiple projects.

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It's all in the title, helps to easily create stylised infographics for effective communication of stats, figures and ideas in a visual format.

You can either start from scratch and introduce a range of design elements or use a range of existing templates for free.  For a small price you are able to access additional templates and icons.