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Microsoft Joining Forces With LinkedIn

Microsoft Aquires LinkedIn For $26.2B

Big news this week in the social media and technology worlds with the announcement that Microsoft will aquire LinkedIn for US$26.2 billion.  Microsoft revealed it purchased LinkedIn for "“$196 per share in an all-cash transaction valued at $26.2 billion, inclusive of LinkedIn’s net cash.”


“Just as we have changed the way the world connects to opportunity, this relationship with Microsoft, and the combination of their cloud and LinkedIn’s network, now gives us a chance to also change the way the world works,” Weiner said. “For the last 13 years, we’ve been uniquely positioned to connect professionals to make them more productive and successful, and I’m looking forward to leading our team through the next chapter of our story.”

What Are People Saying About The Move?

Since the aquisition was announced there has been unsurprisingly a lot commented on what this means for users, advertisers and digital in general.

Here are what some commentators are saying:

Grant Feller writes for Forbes, higlighting the content aspect of the deal by saying "Microsoft has just bought one of the world’s most influential, specialised, highly read, constantly-updated (and, it must be said, occasionally annoying) digital media companies around."

Many are questioning the price tag and Microsoft's history of bad aquisitions but are suggesting this deal could be different saying "There is real synergy between the companies and their products, particularly Microsoft’s Office productivity suite—now delivered primarily online—and LinkedIn’s core database of more than 400 million mostly professional profiles." 

While others see it as Microsoft "Reasserting Its Muscle" in an industry it once dominated.  

What is certain is this aquisition will shake up two mega companies, with the process and outcome to be of real interest over the coming years.