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Facebook Links In-Store Visits To Adverts

A major challenge of brick-and-mortar businesses in the digital era is how to measure and attribute digital advertising spend to in store sales and visits. 

With mobile phones such a significant influencer in the omni-channel sales process this missing link hasn't been able to be made.

New Facebook Solutions For Brick-And-Mortar Stores

In response to this challenge, Facebook is introducing new features to help businesses "drive people to their shops and measure the amount of shop visits and in-store sales following their Facebook mobile advertising campaigns."

An extension to Facebook's 'Local Awareness' suite of adverts will include the following solutions:

- Help People Find Your Business

A Store Locator map will be made available within any Local Awareness advert.  Facebook users will be able to identify and travel to the closest physical store location. 

This is combination with previously introduced advert features like 'Get Directions' help to drive traffic to a a store location.


 - Measure Store Visits From Facebook Ads

A new metric, 'Shop Visits' will help businesses to measure customers who visit the store direct from a Local Awareness advert.

The new metric will let businesses:

  • See how many people come to their shop after seeing a Facebook campaign.
  • Optimise advert creative, delivery and targeting based on shop visits.
  • Analyse results across shops and regions to plan and optimise future campaigns.


- Connect Shop Sales To Ad Campaigns

With new Facebook introduced offline API, businesses can now match in store sales or over the phone sales to their advertising campaigns.  

Businesses can use the offline transaction API to:

  • See real-time results as transactions occur in store and over the phone.
  • Gain demographic insights about people who purchase.
  • Optimise future campaigns.

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