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5 Fascinating Digital Marketing Stats

From the growth of LinkedIn to the number of people using ad blockers, here are 5 digital marketing stats that stood out from the past couple of weeks.

1.  4 Out Of 10 Internet Users Are LinkedIn Members

With the recent aquisition of LinkedIn by Microsoft it is interesting to know that four in ten internet users have a LinkedIn account.

Linkedin -users

 2. Video Marketing Delivers Results

Animoto has produced an infographic that delves into the use of video marketing by small to medium businesses and revealed that "76.5% of professional marketers and SMB owners that have used video marketing say it has had a direct impact on their business."

Video Statistics

3. US Media And Entertainment To Spend US$7.34B On Digital Advertising In 2016

Digital ad spending by the US Media and Entertainment industry marches on with a projected US$7.34 billion expected to be spent this year.  The trend is expected to continue with ad spend reaching US$11.52 billion in 2020.

Us -media -digital -spending

Source: eMarketer 

4. Instagram Reaches 500m Users 

Instagram announced it has reached 500m users of which 300m use Instagram every day.  In addition, the growth appears to be accelerating with the latest 100m joining quicker than the last 100m.  The photo sharing app's users is also becomng more global with 80% of users from outside the US.

Instagram new -analytics


After rolling out adverts to all businesses, Instagram has revealed statistics that "60% of Instagrammers say they learn about products and services on Instagram and 75% say they take action after being inspired by an Instagram post."

5. 26% Of US Internet Users Will Use Ad Blockers In 2016

A report by eMarketer reveals Ad Blocker use will continue its rise amongst US internet users with more than a quarter of users using an adblocker.  

Emarketer defines an ad blocking user as "an internet user who accesses the internet at least once a month via any device that has an ad blocker enabled."

This continuing trend will be of concern to online advertisers and provide increased motivation for thinking about things to do about ad blockers.

Us adblocker users