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5 Stand Out Digital Marketing Stats

From Pokemon Go to the most effective Instagram filters, here are 5 stats that stood out to us this past week.

1. Pokemon Go Is Now The Biggest Mobile Game 

The augmented reality craze that is Pokemon Go has become the the biggest US mobile game with just under 21 million daily active users surpassing that of Candy Crush Saga's record of 20 million.


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2.  In Store Digital Technologies Used By US Retailers 

While the implementation of digital technologies in retail stores is continuing, the use of beacons has not lived up to the hype.  Beacons are designed to gather data about the customer's in store behaviour in order to better understand their journey to purchase.

Digital reward programs and smartphone apps are the most used technologies with 64% of respondents using them while beacons lag behind with 15%.

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36% Of 16 - 24s Use Social Media For Product Research

Research from GlobalWebIndex shows that while search engines remain the top channel for 16 - 24 year olds researching products, social media ranks closely behind with 36%.

Social Media For Product Research


Most Effective Instagram Filters For Fortune 500 Companies

TrackMaven's  research into the Instagram activities of the Fortune 500 companies revealed the top used filters and the "Average Impact Of Instagram Posts By Filter"   

- Mayfair is the eighth most popular filter among Fortune 500 brands, and is used in only 0.49 percent of posts.

-  89.03 percent of Instagram posts from Fortune 500 brands have no filter.  

- Juno most popular filter (1.98 percent of posts)

Take a look at the full report here 

Fortune 500 Top Instagram Filters

Instagram Filter Usage By Fortune 500 Brands 


Most Effective Instagram Filters


Average Impact Of Fortune 500 Instagram Posts By Filter


5. Sponsored Versus Non-Sponsored Instagram Ad Likes Nearly Identical 

A study by Markerly shows that the difference between Sponsored Instagram posts and organic posts is almost negilable for accounts with below 10k followers.  The data showed that sponsored post got a like rate of 0.027 percent with nonsponsored receiving 0.025 percent. 

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