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5 Interesting Digital Marketing Stats

With 2016 well under way, here are 5 digital marketing statistics to get in the mindset for the new year.


B2B Content MARKETING NEW Research

Content Marketing Institutes produced it's 2016 B2B Content Marketing report, here are some of it's findings.

Company Wide Buy-In is Key To Effective Content Marketing

With 36% of B2B marketers meeting weekly to discuss their content marketing plans communication is seen as crucial to implementing a successful program.


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LinkedIn, Twitter The Facebook Are The Most Used Social Media Platforms By B2B

For B2B business producing and distributing content, LinkedIn is the most used platform to do so.  

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Source: Content Marketing Institute



Weekend Facebook Posts Produce 32% More Engagement

Posts to Facebook on Fridays and Saturday produce 32% more engagement, while posts on Thursday and Friday produce 18% more engagement.

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Source: CoSchedule


Mobile eCommerce Sales Jump 59%

The Comscore insights into the 2015 holiday season are in and the mobile eCommerce transactions show a 59% increase on 2014.

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 Source: Comscore

Marketing Automation To Make Big Impact on 2016

According to research from Smart Insights, Marketing Automation is anticipated to have the greatest commercial impact in 2016.  

This would suggest marketers are looking to find way to achieve more by automating many of the repetitive tasks so they can focus on the bigger picture. 

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 Source: Smart Insights

SnapChat Rivalling Facebook For Video Views

The growth of SnapChat's video views appears considerable and could rival that of Facebook.  With SnapChat's video user views per day totalling 7 billion, the platform's appeal to advertisers could threaten Facebook's dominance of the social media ad spend.



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