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13 Essential Elements Of A Perfect Welcome Email

If you are building an email subscriber list without an automated welcome email you are missing a prime opportunity to begin your relationship with a potential customer in the best way possible. 


Why Is A Welcome Email So Important?

They say first impressions count and your welcome email is one of those first impressions.  Putting in the effort to properly introduce your business to new email subscribers sets off your relationship in the best possible way from the get go.

Welcome emails also have higher engagement rates than regular non-triggered emails.  Research from Epsilon says 'triggered emails – which include welcome emails, shopping cart reminder emails and anniversary emails – have an open rate of 46-53% and clickthrough rates between 9-11%.'   


13 Essential Elements Of A Top Performing Welcome Email 

So to take of this higher engagement rate and make the most of your newly formed customer relationship, here are 13 things to consider when creating your welcome email.


1. Be Timely

To strike while the iron is hot so to speak, welcome emails should be triggered to send within minutes of someone subscribing.  Any delay can result in lower open rates and overall interactions.


2. Ask Subscribers To Add You To Their Safe Senders List

To help ensure your future emails have the best chance of being opened they need to avoid the dreaded junk email folder.  Your welcome email is an opportunity to request the subscriber to add you to their 'Safe Senders' list to guarantee they don't miss out on future updates.


3. Include An Unsubscribe Link

Part of any responsible email marketing strategy is to provide an easy way for subscribers to unsubscribe.  While this may sound counter intuitive, annoying someone with unwanted emails is going to do no good for your ultimate goal of convincing them to take up your offering.


4. Encourage Recipient To Provide Feedback

You've reached your recipient at their most engaged so why not take the opportunity to get some feedback about things like what they would like to get updates about or generally what they are after.  Including a poll, questionnaire or feedback form can uncover some valuable information about your subscribers.


5. Contact Details

Further to the idea of encouraging feedback, including specific contact details can prompt a subscriber to get in touch.  You never know they may have particular questions that help them in their purchase decisions.


6. Confirm Their Information Is Safe With You

Let your subscribers know that their email and contact details are safe and will only be used for communication from your company and wont be passed on to any other parties.


7. Clearly Identify As A Welcome Email

Ensure your email sticks out from the many emails your subscribers receive by labelling it for instance as a 'Welcome To BTL Digital' email.  You can get adventurous with your email subject lines but including the word 'Welcome' increases the likeliness of being opened.


8. Let Subscribers Know What To Expect

Tell your subscribers what they can expect from you in terms of email regularity and content of emails.  


9. Include Personalisation

A welcome email is like a handshake, make it personal by including their name in the welcome email greeting.  Use the merge tag *|FNAME|* to pull their first name from your email subscriber database.

Personalised Welcome email

10. Highlight A Next Step

Opting into your email list as a new subscriber is expressing a degree of interest in what you have to offer.  Take the opportunity to include a call-to-action button to a next step that moves them closer to a conversion.  That could be a link to a video providing more product information or to sign up for a free trial.


11. Provide Valuable Content

Giving new subscribers a little something (a 10% discount on first purchase, free information download) is a great way to solidify your impression with recipients.  In return they will often reward you with continued future engagements.  


12. Encourage Them To Share With Friends

Following on from providing valuable content, a prominent forward to a friend button could encourage them to tell their friends to take advantage of the 'gift'.

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13. Prompt To Connect Socially

Include your social networks to encourage new subscribers to keep in touch with your updates in between email broadcasts.

 13 Essential Elements Of A Perfect Welcome Email 2


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