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What To Do About Ad Blocking

For businesses that advertise online, ad blocking is something they should be aware of how it affects them and what you can do about it.

The issue of ad blocking has been around for a few years, however recently it has become of increased attention due to Apple announcing the inclusion of ad blocking capabilities to Safari on iPhone.


What Is Ad Blocking?

Ad blockers are extensions to browsers that prevent or alter advertising content from being displayed on a webpage.  It can also block any tracking codes you have setup to give you valuable information about how a person interacts with your website.

The two images below show the difference between a webpage with an ad blocker on and off.  Notice the absence of the advert above the Metro image.

Ad -blocker -on -off

Why Do People Use Ad Blockers?

Primary people use ad blockers to avoid irritating pop up ads.  However they are also used as a way to protect their privacy concerns.  Additionally, by blocking ads from loading they can help improve page load speeds and ultimately the user's experience.

A 2015 report on ad blocking found that there are 198 million people using ad blockers, this was an increase of 41% for the 12 months.


What It Means For Marketers

The impact on digital marketers are:

  • The elimination of a revenue stream for websites that rely on banner ads to run their site.  
  • Limits the ability to use tracking codes to gather data about users for improving their experience.
  • Limits the exposure of a businesses advertising budget.

Remedies For Ad Blocking

Ad blocking is an inevitability in the digital space, its level of use is set to increase, so what are marketers to do?

Research To See If Your Customers Dislike Your Ads

Using tools like Survey Monkey you can gather information from your audience a 

Ad serving platforms Facebook, Google, Twitter and LinkedIn have builtin feedback tools that let you know if a user has hidden or marked an advert as irrelevant.  

Accept People Using Ad Blockers Aren't Interested In Your Ads

Ad blocking has been seen as getting rid of the misspent advertising budget.  Accepting that someone who has turned on an ad blocker on your website means you can get on and focus on the refined target audience it has created.

Ensure Your Ad Placement Is Relevant

If you're using Google Adwords to place ads on sites in its display network, make sure the websites you are placing it on are relevant to your offer.  This will provide a solid conversion rate despite the use of ad blockers by some browsers.

Concentrate On Creating You Own Inbound Adverts

If you've committed some resources to producing your own content marketing for your blog, consider dedicating some more time to it.  Creating informative and valuable content provides another web indexed page for your customers to find you online.