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Facebook Launches 'Audience Optimizer' Tool

Facebook announced last week it was launching Audience Optimisation, a tool to help publishers better reach their intended audience organically.

It allows you to target your posts by defining the most relevant audience, in turn resulting in better engagement levels.

Many Facebook page managers will be relieved that this tool will help relieve the trend of diminishing organic reach by providing higher engagement for those that are reached.

Audience Optimisation Provides Three Features:

  • Preferred Audience -  By adding interest tags, publishers can define a post's preferred audience with topics they tend to engage with.
  • Audience Restrictions - By choosing limits for who you don't want to show posts to based on age, gender and location.  This helps to avoid showing your post to those that it isn't relevant and focus on delivering to your preferred audience.
  • Audience Insights - Insights show page admins how their updates are performing broken down by posts and interests tags.  These insights can help publishers understand what segments of your page are engaging with which interest tags.

Facebook Launches 'Audience Optimizer ' Tool 1

Facebook Launches 'Audience Optimizer ' Tool 2

While this tool is not necessarily going to increase your organic reach initially, results from testing indicate it's effectiveness in increasing the engagement for those it does reach.  The effect of increased engagement across your page could then positively affect the way Facebook's algorithm treats your content overall.

To enable Audience Optimisation, tick the box for it under General Settings.

Facebook Launches 'Audience Optimizer ' Tool 3


For more information and best practice tips for using Audience Optimisation visit the Facebook page.