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5 Fascinating Digital Marketing Stats

Another month, another round of interesting digital marketing stats to get you thinking about how things are tracking in 2016.


Mobile Is The Most Important Device For 16 - 24s

As a part of chart demonstrating 3 Signs that the Mobile Tipping Point is Coming, GlobalWebIndex has produced this chart showing the emerging age bracket of 16 - 24 year olds regard their mobile as their most important device with almost 50% preferring their mobile.

Mobile -most -important -device

Source - GlobalWebIndex



Length Of Time It Takes For Marketers To Integrate Technology

If you are a marketer experiencing difficulties in implementing new technologies into you marketing efforts, don't despair, 29% of US marketers take 4-6 months to fully integrate new IT.  

Length -of -time -takes -integrate -technology -digital -marketing

Source: eMarketer


Importance Of Visual Imagery

According to research from CMO Council's report on "The Role of Visual Media in Impactful Brand Storytelling" 46% of marketers say photography is critical to their current marketing and storytelling strategies.

Importance -of -visuals -content -marketing

Source : CMO Council


Accidental Mobile ad clicks

According to a report commissioned by Retale, a location-based mobile platform, 60% of all mobile ad-clicks are accidental.  The so-called 'fat-finger' problem is caused by users incidentally hitting on ads as they scroll on their mobiles.  

"60% of all respondents said that, when they typically click on banner ads while on a smartphone or tablet, "it's usually by accident" due to the device's small screen size, a finger slipping or a combination of the two."


Active Social Media Users: Asis Pacfic Region

We Are Social's digital report puts the number of active social media users at 1,211 million for the Asia-Pacific region, representing penetration of 29%.

Screen -shot -2016-02-15-at -11533-pm

Source: We Are Social