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10 Tips To Get The Most From Facebook Video Ads

With the release of video adverts in 2014, Facebook sought a slice of the traditional media's advertising revenue.  And what a slice it was, with video adverts contributing to Facebook's Q4 2015 revenue earnings of 5.8B.

With the number of Facebook video views hitting 8 billion in late 2015, people's appetite for video seems insatiable.

So if you've considered the idea of Facebook video adverts, here are 10 tips for getting the most from them


1. Create Educational, Inspirational or Funny Videos

Remember that Facebook is a social medium.  People aren't on Facebook to be bombarded with overly salesy content.  However if you can engage them with funny, educating or inspiring videos that connects with them you are more likely to receive a like, share, follow or a further investigation into your offering.


2. Include Call-To-Action ButtonS

Think about what you would like the viewer to do after they have viewed your ad.  Is it to share your content, connect via social media or click to your website for more information?  You can add a clickable URL, a call to action button at the end of your video or prompt them verbally within the video.


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3. Target Right Audience

As with any Facebook marketing campaign, defining who your intended audience is will increase your levels of engagement as your message is delivered to the relevant people.  Have a look at your Facebook page Insights for an idea of who your current audience is or spend some time creating a list of demographics of your intended audience.  Think, age, location, interests etc.


4. Capture Attention Early

As video adverts auto-play from the moment a person scrolls past it, it is important to capture their attention in the first few seconds to get them to watch the full clip.  This can be done using catchy titles, recognisable brand colour and imagery.

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5. Be Viewable Without Sound

Another way of enhancing the videos attention grabbing ability is for the video to be viewable without sound.  Including captions will help to introduce the story you are telling, enticing them to turn on the sound to get the full story.


6. Choose An Enticing Thumbnail

Should you wish to allow viewers to opt-in to see the advert, ensure you select an enticing thumbnail to show them why they should watch the video.  Select thumbnails that allude to action or an intriguing image.


7. Make Use Of The Latest Video Creation Tools

With the advances in video technology over the last few years it is now possible to shoot highly professional looking footage from your smart phone.  Take advantage of this and include more video in your Facebook content calendar.  Once you're comfortable with the creation of video that connects with your audience, create a storyline around a message you want to convey to your audience.

Take a look at Buffer's 12 Budget-Friendly Video Editing Apps You Can Use For Social Video


8. Schedule Video Posting For Optimal Audience

The same best practice guidelines apply for Facebook video adverts as does for any posting to a social network.  Timing a videos publishing to when the highest level of your audience is online will help it increase your reach.  Take a look at your Page Insights section for when your audience is online for optimal posting time.  


9. Share Embed Video Code With Partners

For increased reach of your video, send out a newsletter with your Facebook video included, for associated brands send them the embed code for them to put on their own websites and blogs.  


10. Make You Ad A Featured Video On Your Page

Facebook now allows you to feature a video on your Page.  Featuring your video makes it more prominent as it appears in your about section.  Simply go to you videos tab and click on the 'Add Featured Video' button.

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Now that you have the key considerations when creating a Facebook video advert, here are some award winning adverts to provide some inspiration.