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Facebook Rejigs Business Page Layout

Facebook Pages Rolls Out The Changes

Facebook has rolled out a range of new updates for business pages focusing on making it easier for users to navigate with a cleaner layout for both mobile and desktop.

Here's what has changed on what is most likely your top social media channel:


1. Removal Of Right Side Ads 

Facebook has removing right-rail ads in order to make more for redesigned page elements.  This doesn't necessarily mean their permament removal as they may return once these new page elements are rolled out.


2. Refreshed & Relocated Call-To-Action Buttons

One of the redesigned page elements is the Call-To-Action button that changes from white to blue.  It will also be relocated just under the cover photo for easier access for followers looking to 'Book Now', 'Contact Us' or 'Shop Now'.  


3. Updated Cover Profile & Cover Photos 

The profile and cover photos also gets a refreshed layout with a full width cover photo with the profile image no longer overlaying it.

Screen Shot 2016-08-23 At 1.20.58 PM


4. Page Tabs Rejig

All of the page information tabs, like follower count, page info have been moved to create a sticky menu that overlays the right column as you scroll.  The page's navigation menu is relocated from across the top to down the left side.


5.  Page Search Box 

A recent handy addition, a search box lets users easily find that post thy're after without having to scroll through the Page's timeline.  In the revamped layout, this feature is moved from the left side to the right just under the cover photo.

Each of these changes have been designed to focus on userability for vistors to your page with a clearer layout that emphasises call-to-action buttons and key information. 

Main Image: bloomua / 123RF Stock Photo