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5 Fascinating Digital Marketing Stats

From Instagram's internet takeover to a forecasted drop in Twitter's social media share, here are five digital marketing stats that piqued our interest this week.

1. 50% Of Internet Users Now On Instagram

The surge in Instagram users continues with the latest count finding that almost 50% of internet users having an account on the photo sharing platform.

As GlobalWebIndex states, "Instagram’s continued success is testament to the appeal of more specialized networks and means it’s now extremely close to entering the top tier of major platforms."

Instagram would appear to be gathering steam with a 10% increase since late 2015.

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2. Key Concerns Of Digital Advertisers

According to a study of 229 digital advertising professionals, 'Viewability' and 'Attribution and Measurablility' are areas they over two thirds are extremely concerned or very concerned about.

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3. Mobiles Are Go To Source For Product Research

Xad's recent research into the influence of mobile in consumer's purchase decision revealed that the smartphone's impotance is increasing.  According to responses from a survey of 15o0 people, 39% considered their smartphone the most important means for customer resaerch compared with 19%, three years ago.  

The customer's ability to research via mobile helps to speed up the purchase decision with 56% of people making up their minds quickly to either buy something immediately or within an hour after researching on their mobile. 


4. Personalised Email Biggest Factor On Brand Perception

A recent report by Mailjet, has found that consumer's perception of a brand or company are most influenced by receiving a personalised email.  This underlines the increasing trend for a level of personalisation to more effectively cater to the needs of the customer.  

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5. Twitter's Share Of Social Media Users Set To Fall

eMarketer has adjusted downwards its expected forecasted Twitter user growth from 2016 through to 2020.  With this adjustment it now expects Twitter's share of social media users to fall.

"This year, Twitter will capture a 28.1% share of social network users in the US, a decrease from 2015. In fact, eMarketer now expects Twitter’s share of social network usage to continue to decline through 2020." 

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