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YouTube 360: Giving You A Virtual Front Seat

Youtube launches live 360

YouTube has announced its 360 video capabilities making it possible for viewers to get a step closer to the reality of being at a live event in person.

Having launched 360 video in March 2015, Youtube now provides support for live-streaming for users to capture sporting, music and other events in a way that gives a 360 view of the action.

Real Life Spatial AUDIO

The additional feature of spatial-audio enhances the immersive experience of the 360 video by taking into consideration distance, depth and intensity that influence how you would hear a performance in real life.  The following playlist demonstrates the virtual reality 360 videos can produce. 

Two Way Race FOr 360 Lead

With Youtube's launch of Live 360 coming on the heels of Facebook 360 and the long awaited release of Oculus Rift, the way that content produces embrace the new possibilities will be an exciting prospect.

Youtube is seeking to make the Live 360 platform accessible to all by requiring no special hardware to view in VR and a relatively low price point ($350US) for cameras capable of shooting in 360.