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Facebook Puts Live Video Front And Centre

Facebook has introduced several new features to it's live streaming as it seek's to place it's Facebook Live platform front and centre.

Many of the features will appear remarkably familiar to users of Snapchat or Twitter's Periscope

Each development aims to encourage users to spend more time within the Facebook platform.



You can now 'Go Live' with a Facebook Group as a way of restricting a broadcast to close friends and family, allowing for the sharing of personal moments.  

Hosts of Events can use the same function to showcase behind the scenes broadcasts to people who have RSVP'd to the event.  


Interactive Features

New features have been added to live videos designed to add a level of engagement between broadcasters and their audiences.

  • Live Reactions - Using the recently added Reactions, live viewers will see their 'Likes', 'Loves' and 'Haha' appear animated across the video.

Live -reactions -android

  • Replay Comments - Based on initial data Facebook says "that people comment more than 10 times more on Facebook Live videos than on regular videos" so people watching a replayed video will see comments as they appeared in the live video.


  • Live Filters - Users will be able to personalise the look of their broadcasts with 5 preset filters.  A live drawing tool is also in the pipeline.

Live -creative -tools -ios

  • Invite A Friend - An invitation icon is included to be able to easily invite friends to watch a live video of interest.


  • Live Map - So people can easily find an don't miss on broadcasts the Facebook Live Map for desktop allows users to see live videos currently happening and search for live and non-live videos.

Live -map1