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5 Fantastic Digital Marketing Stats

Here are 5 digital marketing stats that popped out to us during our travels around the internet.  


1. Social Media Is A Key Product Discovery Channel 

The numbers of people using social media as a way of discovering products is becoming a key driver.  According to research from GlobalWebIndex an overall 14% of respondents saying that they find out about products from branded updates the power of influence social media has is undeniable.

Instagram is out front in these stakes with 20%, with Pinterest 19% and Twitter 19%.  Interestingly brand updates for Facebook lags behind with 16%. 


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2. Display Ads Are Broken

According to Econsultancy's People-based Advertising report, 66% of respondents believe either 'strongly agree' or 'agree' that 'The current model for display advertising is broken'

This provides further evidence that the use of ad-blockers is changing the model for online advertising.  If you are a business who has display ads take a look at our post about What To Do About Ad-Blocking.


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3. How Online Retailers Gather Email Subscriptions 

An email subscription box on the retailer's homepage is by far the main way (86%) that businesses are getting their customers email details.

The uptake of new initiatives like using discount offers are only marginally used at 18.8%.

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4. Video Is Taking Over The Internet

We know video is growing rapidly as a tool for marketers to communicate with their audiences.  Wochit believes that the growth of video is so much so that by 2017, 74% of internet traffic will be video.  Luckily with the rise of accessible video creation tools and technology, video is now a possibility for those with a small budget.  


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5. Live Streaming Is Getting Good Uptake

Live streaming is increasingly on the radar for many marketers as a tactic for creating brand engagement with their audience.  According to research of 200 executives interviewed, "44 percent of executives polled held a live-streaming event during 2015, and 20 percent plan to test live streaming during 2016".

The intent of executives is also clear with 39% believing live-streaming is of importance and 20% very important to their 2016 marketing mix.

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