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Google and Twitter Join Forces for 'Instant Articles'

On the back of Facebook's launch of 'Instant Articles', ReCode is reporting Google and Twitter have teamed up to create their own version.  Instant articles are designed to serve immediately publisher's content links within a social networks feed without the normal load time of a few seconds.

The collaboration intends to provide a number of points of difference from other mobile publishing tools including:

  • Allowing for open source access to encourage tech company adoption.
  • Content will remain hosted on publisher's site maintaining the value of their advertising space.

How revenue from advertising will be distributed amongst publishers and networks has yet to be confirmed.  The model Facebook has adopted of distributing 70% of revenue from ads would appear to encourage publishers to use the tool.

By working together Google and Twitter aim to make it easier for publishers to get their content read on portable devices.  However as the Business Insider suggests, critics of the instant articles trend highlight the increasing control the likes of Facebook will have over publishers that could result in using their position to drive a harder bargain.