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Google Adds Two New Features For Adwords

Google is set to enable advertisers to extend the use of their email lists to target customers within search, YouTube and Gmail. 

Customer Match

Customer Match has been developed as to "help you reach customers that you already have a relationship with -- like those in your loyalty program or who have made a previous purchase -- in ways that are most relevant to their intent and context."

Similar Audiences

Another feature set to be launched 'Similar Audiences' acts similar to Facebook's lookalike or Twitter's tailored audience that creates an audience "to reach new customers on YouTube and Gmail who are likely to be interested in your products and services." 

As pointed out in Marketing Land's coverage of the product update, the new features should provide more stability to advertisers remarketing efforts as it avoids the limitations of cookies on mobile and how easily they can be deleted or blocked.   

The two new Adword features are expected to be available to use in the next few weeks.