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Facebook To Add "100% In View" Ad Option


Facebook has announced it is set to make available a new ad format that changes the way it records an ad as viewed.  

100% In View Impressions

The new option, 100% In View, records an impressions as an ad that displays the entire ad from top to bottom in a users feed.  The option will be available for all ad formats including text, images or video.

September , Facebook To Add "100% In View " Ad Option 1


In addition Facebook is forming a partnership with Moat, an advertising analytics company, to help provide accurate metrics relating to video ad views and view lengths to give advertisers a better picture of how their campaigns are performing.  It is through this partnership they intend to develop the 100% In View metric across all Facebook ad formats as well as Instagram.

This enhancement is yet another step Facebook has implemented in an effort to provide advertisers with more concrete evidence of the effectiveness of their ad products.