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Facebook releases 'Signal' It's Content Discovery Tool

Facebook this week launched 'Signal' "a free discovery and curation tool for journalists who want to source, gather, and embed newsworthy content from Facebook and Instagram."

This move by Facebook is seen by many as a way of stealing some of the dominance Twitter has for providing journalists with breaking news and trending topics.  


Key Features of Signal Are:

Monitor Trending Topics On Facebook

Much like Twitter's trending sidebar, Signal will let users know what topics and conversations are currently resonating.  

Its search function will enable users to seek out related stories to dig deeper into trending topics.

September , Facebook Releases 'Signal ' It 's Content Discovery Tool 1


Identify Who Is Influencing The Conversation

Using data, Signal can ranks public figures by their level of mentions with real time interactions across politicians, musicians, sports people and more.

Source Visual Content Related To Trending Stories

Using the photo-sharing app Instagram as a source, users can search for imagery related to trending topics using location tags, hashtags and public profiles.

September , Facebook Releases 'Signal ' It 's Content Discovery Tool 2

Gather Facebook And Instagram Content

Users can easily save Facebook or Instagram posts, along with metrics from Signal and searches for future use.  

Embed Content From Facebook And Instagram Beyond The Platforms

Using embed code combined with Signal's API publishers will be able to directly incorporate content from the two platforms into their websites or broadcasts.