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4 Key Applications Of Marketing Automation

While marketing automation is not a new topic the increasing number of automation applications means it remains a talking point amongst marketers.

Marketing automation has the ability to streamline repetitive processes to free up resources to concentrate elsewhere.

In this post I will cover four ways marketing automation can be applied.


Manage Leads Through Customer Journey

For different leads based businesses the length of the sales cycle can differ vastly.  For sales cycles that are long one main objective is to maintain a connection with the customer that encourages them towards a purchase.

This is where automation can assist by helping to keep your brand front of mind for the customer. Using the process of drip marketing you can create a sequence of emails designed to lead a prospect through to a purchase.

When constructing a lead nurturing campaign keep in mind the following:

  • What the goal is? To inform, remind, reengage.
  • Try to segment the audience to ensure communication is relevant.
  • Plan content of messages ensuring it relates to campaign’s goal.
  • Set out timing of emails.
  • Monitor campaign and refine based on results.


Help Identify Hot Leads

Using marketing automation can assist in identifying the best prospective leads by scoring them based on particular online actions the customer takes.  For instance someone that downloads a product PDF would score higher on the scale of purchase intent than someone who joins the mailing list.

By using lead scoring you can raise the qualification level of leads passed onto a sales team. This in turn avoids a sales person wasting their time and potentially annoying a customer that is not close enough to make a purchase decision.


Assist In Encouraging Repurchases

It is commonly accepted that activating existing customers to purchase requires less investment than attracting new customers.  By developing a detailed customer database noting things like purchase dates, product purchases and quantity automation applications can put in place reminders to trigger sales orientated emails.

For instance a service provider could trigger reminder emails when a customers registration renewal is nearing. Or a product supplier could trigger email reminders for restocking based on a customers consumption pattern.


Improve the customer experience

Automation has the potential to enhance your customer’s experience and ultimately their retention and repeat custom.  Installing survey requests at key points of a customer’s journey provides direct feedback that can be used to identify areas for improvement.

In practice a feedback survey can encourage a customer to raise any issues they encountered. This feedback can provide an opportunity to communicate to the customer your sincere apology and let them know what you plan to do to rectify the process.  Often this transparency can be received positively and help build goodwill.