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Video Profiles For Facebook Are Coming

Facebook has unveiled some upcoming updates to personal profile pages to allow people to be more expressive about who they are.

Improvements include:

Profile Videos

Taking notice of the continuing increase in number of people creating and viewing video on the platform, users will soon be able to create a short looping video as their profile.

Set Temporary Profile Images

A new setting will enable users to display a profile picture that reverts to a previous version at a set time.  

Showcase Customised Profile Information

Facebook is giving you more flexibility around what information and photos appear at the top of your profile page.  That way you are able to control what visitors to your page see first.

Improvements To Mobile Profile

A new layout for mobile will place profile pictures and videos centrally and appear larger for more visual impact on a smaller screen.  

Take a look at the video below for a good overview of how the upcoming changes will look.