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Twitter's New Reports Show Ad's Impact

Twitter has introduced 'conversion lift reports' to help businesses understand the effect of their Twitter Ad campaigns.  

"To help our advertisers consistently gauge the impact of ad exposure across devices, we're introducing conversion lift reports — a custom data-driven report designed to help you better understand the impact your Twitter Ads campaigns are driving toward your bottom line."

Isolating Conversion Lift Effect

By segmenting your target audience into two groups, a test group that sees your advert and a control group that doesn't, a report can be generating to identify the impact your ad had on increasing conversions.

Twitter Conversion Lift ReportOctober , Twitter 's New Reports Show Ad 's Impact 1

A conversion lift report can provide information using 3 types of campaign:

  • Website clicks and conversions.
  • Mobile app install and re-engagements.
  • Mobile carrier switch conversion.

This added intelligence will help move advertisers away from the limited view that attributes a conversion to a user's last click rather than their varied journey that lead them to act.

Results So Far

Results so have been impressive with an advertiser's Promoted Tweets being 1.4x as likely to convert on the advertiser's website vs. the control group.

October , Twitter 's New Reports Show Ad 's Impact 2

For more detail visit the official Twitter blog post