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Social Fail: Hashtag #YourTaxi Backfires On Taxi Co-op


In an attempt to counter the increasing popularity of Uber, an Australian Taxi association has launched a campaign via Twitter with the hashtag #YourTaxi asking customers to share stories of their experiences using cabs under the Victoria Taxi Association.



That Didn't Go As Planned 

The result was a sensational fail as the campaign was overrun with negative feedback of stories ranging from unsafe trips to sexual harassment.  Initially the association denied the campaign had been a massive fail but has this week released a statement accepting full responsibility for the campaign and announcing their decision to part ways with the agency that developed it.

Here are some of the feedback they received via Twitter that prompted the association to accept the social media campaign had been an incredible social fail.  For tips on what to do if your social media goes bad, take a look at our Do's & Don't For A Social Media Crisis