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Inbound Marketing In 2015

Hubspot recently produced it's 'State Of Inbound' report for 2015 so we've taken a look at it to get an updated view of what's happening in inbound marketing and provide you with our key takings from it.  You can view the full report here.

Firstly, What Is Inbound Marketing?

Inbound marketing is the practice of focusing on appealing to customers interests, needs and wants by creating quality content that draws them in rather than an outbound approach using tactics like advertising that be more hit and hope.

State Of Inbound By Hubspot

Hubspot's conducted a survey of 3957 marketers and salespeople across 150 countries covering their 'pressing priorities', 'challenges they face' and 'tactics they've used'.

Here are some of the key takeaways we have taken from the report.

Key Takeaways from State Of Inbound

  • Inbound in 2015 is an entrenched practice with adoption ranging from 'somewhat familiar' to 'all in'.
  • Inbound is seen as an effective tactic for small to medium businesses to compete with larger companies on bigger budgets.
  • Lead conversion continues to be the main priority across companies of all sizes and types.
  • Proving the ROI of Inbound is the most common challenge across companies of all sizes and industries.
  • Proving a positive ROI unlocks the budget for inbound.

Trends Of Inbound

  • While lead generation is a top priority, what it costs is not.
  • Key concerns when conducting inbound marketing is finding a project manager and training a team.
  • Even outbound marketers think outbound (tv ads, billboards) is a wasted resource.
  • Inbound works across B2B, B2C and non-profits.
  • Content creation need not be solely in-house.

Best Practice Learnings

  • Marketers are three times as likely to see a higher ROI on inbound marketing campaigns than on outbound.
  • Best organisations know that paid advertising won't drive success.
  • Regular tracking of ROI is required to prove effectiveness of inbound efforts and justify budget commitment.
  • Inbound is a long game and requires committed resources and consistently maintained efforts.
  • Successful marketers check their analytics 3 or more times weekly.

Successfully Implementing Inbound

  • Automation tools equals improved ROI and unlocks budget allocations.
  • Check metrics regularly, 3 or more times weekly.
  • Track ROI to unlock budget for inbound.
  • Formal agreements (Service Level Agreements) between marketing and sales increases ROI.

Overall there are some strong messages being repeatedly conveyed about the state of inbound marketing.  Proving ROI is the key challenge for inbound marketers which is a requirement to unlocking their budgets.  

These findings should provide motivation for those currently actively performing inbound to improve and convince those yet to get on board about the potential it presents.


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