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7 Tips For Refreshing Your Social Media Strategy

Finding new and creative ways to keep your social media strategy engaging your audience can be a challenging task.  

In this post we'll provide seven ways you can can refresh your social media strategy to take it to another level.  


1. Identify Where Your Social Media Traffic Is Coming From 

Establishing which social media channels are providing traffic to your website can be a useful way to focus your efforts.  Use the Google Analytics Social Referrals section to identify which platforms are contributing to website views.  

It is likely that Facebook is generating the bulk of your social traffic.  However you may notice that a platform you are committing very little time to is actually referring some traffic.  With some allocated time in your social media calendar the gains from these channels could provide a better return than trying to increase your more established social media platforms.

To access social referrals follow: Acquisitions > Social > Network Referrals

Visit the Google Support Section for help to setup Google Analytics

7 Tips For Refreshing Your Social Media Strategy 1 

2. Get Creative With Images 

The impact of images on engagement in social media is well documented.  So take advantage of the enhancements the major social media channels have made to incorporate images into their feeds. 

GIFs – Facebook recently enabled GIFs to be used in it’s feed, Twitter has supported them since last year while Instagram recently launched ‘Boomerang’  to help you produce GIFs from everyday moments. 

Canva -  Creating striking images for social media is made simple for everyone with Canva’s templates pre-set to the different optimal sizes for each platform. 

Word Swag -  A simpler image editor suitable for editing on the go, WordSwag can stylised text to your images.

7 Tips For Refreshing Your Social Media Strategy 2 

Have A Go With Video 

After the impact images had on social media, video was the next step with Facebook looking to take a chunk of YouTube’s viewing audience by introducing auto-playing videos embedded into it’s feed.

Take a look at our post we gave you of 5 Key Ways To Use Video 


Make Use Of Facebook’s New Ad Formats 

Facebook has rolled on strongly with its intent to provide value to marketers advertising on its platform. Making use of its advertising developments are a good way of converting your social media efforts into monetised value.

Carousel Ads – The Carousel Ad format allows advertisers to display 3-5 images within an ad to help drive traffic to a specific location.    

Canvas – Look out for the recently announced development of Canvas designed to deliver on advertising objectives with particular consideration for the users mobile experience.

7 Tips For Refreshing Your Social Media Strategy 3 

Look Beyond The Top 3 Social Media

Over the last few years we have seen the dramatic rise of a bunch of new social media platforms. In many cases these new platforms have harnessed people’s desire for image and video formats and experience considerable engagement as a result.

Snapchat:   An image sharing mobile app with one key difference, the photos you send disappear after seconds of their viewing. Users can also add text, animations and drawing for extra impact.

For some tips about using Snapchat take a look at our guide to Getting Brand Exposure On Snapchat  

Instagram: The standalone photo sharing app acquired by Facebook that has undergone several enhancements to cater to the latest trends in social media.

Check out our guide to Getting Started With Instagram  

Periscope: A live-streaming video app acquired by Twitter, Periscope aims to give users a view from someone else’s perspective.  

We have yet to cover Periscope in detail, but keep an eye out for a post to provide some insight into it’s applications.


Revisit Your Insights 

Reminding yourself of who your social media audience is is important, particularly as it’s through a digital medium. Use the available insights for Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn to inform you of changes in your audience’s demographics, social media habits and more.  Give particular consideration for the following:

-       Who your audience is, age, gender, location.

-       When they are online.

-       What updates are responding to. 

Use these insights to form an understanding of; who you are talking to; what they like to hear from you and when they are active.


Run A Social Media Contest

With social media engagement being a constant challenge, particularly with Facebook turning the screws on its organic reach, running a contest can be an effective way to break through to your audience. Take a look at our tips for running a social media contest 


The reoccurring theme of these tips are that social media is not a set and forget strategy. Getting the most out of your social activities requires constant revisiting to look for areas for improvement.