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Weekly Digital Wrap: 27th July 2015



Facebook Introduces New Video Publishing Tools

Facebook has launched new video publishing tools to "give publishers more control over how their videos are organized and shared."

The changes include:

  • Secret video format enabling them to  "host videos on Facebook, embed them on third-party sites or share them with anyone who has the URL, without posting them anywhere else on Facebook.
  • Control where the video is posted to and restrict who can view it as well as allowing or restricting the ability to embed on other sites.
  • Set expiration dates for videos.
  • A dedicated video library to manage and view videos.

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Twitter Introduces New Safety Centre

Twitter has developed a Safety Centre designed to make for a safer user experience.  

"These resources should help you quickly understand how to manage your experience on Twitter and also understand how the community and Twitter take action together when our policies are violated."

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Twitter Launches Event Targeting Adverts

Twitter has introduced new adverts developed to target live events to deliver your advertisements to just the right audience.

Using an event calendar advertisers can view insights for specific events to in order to create a campaign to target an audience connected to that event.

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YouTube Chief Pushes Ahead with Subscriptions Despite Questions

The WSJ reports that YouTube is pushing ahead with it's planned subscription version of its service despite questions about a "requirement that content owners make their videos available for both the ad-supported and paid versions."



New Version Of Google Glass Set To Focus On The Workplace

According to reports by 9to5Google, the new Google Glass Enterprise Edition will focus on practical uses for the workplace with a focus on function over form.  Design developments include a more robust structure, improved water resistance and foldable structure.  Internal updates have focused on a larger prism display, better performance and longer battery life.



'Screenings' is a curated collection of design-related videos from everything from animation to product design and more.  

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