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Google Removes Those Annoying 'Get The App' Pop Ups

Google recently conducted tests into ‘Get The App’ pop ups on mobile browsers looking at the impact it has on user experience and ultimately whether they continued to either the app store or the mobile website.  

Based on internal experience of user frustration they decided to use their own G+ App as a case study.

The findings for anyone who has encountered these annoying pop-up, or "interstitial pages", requests to install an app would not be surprising:

  • 9% of the visits to our interstitial page resulted in the ‘Get App’ button being pressed. (Note that some percentage of these users already have the app installed or may never follow through with the app store download.)

  • 69% of the visits abandoned our page. These users neither went to the app store nor continued to our mobile website.


Google Removes Those Annoying 'Get The App ' Pop Ups 1

Based on this data they ran an experiment to see the impact replacing the pop-up with a “Smart App Banner to continue promoting the app in a less intrusive way”.  The results were as follows:

  • 1-day active users on our mobile website increased by 17%.

  • G+ iOS native app installs were mostly unaffected (-2%). (We’re not reporting install numbers from Android devices since most come with Google+ installed.)

From this insight they decided to permanently remove the pop-up to remove friction for the user and are recommending it as a best practice for those wanting to promote their apps.

Have you encountered frustrating app install pop-ups?  Do you agree that this approach would provide a best user experience while continuing to promote the App option?