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Five For Friday: 24th July 2015

Five videos for your Friday distraction, rapping Harry Potter, giant water balloon exploding and more.


Daniel Radcliffe Raps Eminem At Karaoke

Radcliffe has shown his rapping skills before, while here he takes on 'The Real Slim Shady' karaoke style.


KKK Marchers Trolled By Someone With A Sousaphone

Someone had a brilliant response to KKK marchers using a sousaphone (type of tuba) to make their march look ridiculously stupid.


Survival Skills 101

Watch as this guy shows some serious survival skills building a thatched hut from scratch.


The Magnus Effect

The magnus effect has a surprising impact on the trajectory of a regular basketball as it is dropped from a dam in Tasmania, Australia.



Slow Mo Of A Giant Water Balloon Exploding

The Slow Mo Guys regularly film random action shots in slow motion, here Dan does his best Jabba the Hutt impression by getting inside a giant water balloon as it is filled.  For more of their slow motion vids check here