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9 Tips For Top Converting Online Forms

Whether you are looking to gather details from your web browsers for a newsletter list, an online purchase or a potential lead, online forms are key to collecting that information.

When visitors to your site encounter a form with non-optimised elements they are increasingly likely to abandon the process resulting in a lost opportunity.



1. Explain Form Fields Clearly

Keep it super simple for users to understand what information you are asking for.  Don’t assume that all visitors to your site know what certain form fields refer to.

In this instance Apple Store has included a pop up mage explaining where to find the Security Code on your credit card.

9 Tips For Top Converting Online Forms 1


2. Keep It Short And Sweet

Avoid including unnecessary fields. Remember for every field you add the forms conversion rate drops considerably.  If you are asking for sensitive information consider collecting it from them later in the process to avoid drop off before you have had an opportunity to connect with them.  

If you are using an online form to gather emails for a newsletter, including a brief explanation of what they can expect with a simple email signup form like the one uses will encourage quick and easy signups.

9 Tips For Top Converting Online Forms 2


3. Let Users Feel Safe Providing Sensitive Information

If you require sensitive information such as phone numbers, let the user know what it will and will not be used for to put them at ease. Something like "Your phone number will only be used to ensure a smooth purchase process"

Keep in mind the objective of the form and the motivation of the user to complete that form. If fields in the form don’t relate to it’s objective or motivations of the user then consider removing them to create less friction in completing the form.  


4. Make It Mobile Responsive

The numbers of people browsing on mobiles continues to rise therefore making your form functional for mobile is essential for maintaining conversion rates.  It is particiularly important to limit the amount of text the user is required to enter to avoid form dropoff.

Areas to focus on:

-       large buttons and input fields

-       auto-fill capabilities

-       pop up

-       clear and easy to understand workflow



5. Store Credit Card Details For Repeat Purchases

If you are an ecommerce site, use cookies to store payment and shipping details   When a customer returns a repeat purchase can be streamlined with pre-filled information making for a quicker customer experience.


6. Highlight Errors

Clearly notify users when they have incorrectly filled in a field.  Highlight errors with a clear signal of which field and what was wrong with it.

Make sure that correct fields remain intact to avoid the user having to complete the entire form again. This will likely lead to frustration and them failing to complete the form.

9 Tips For Top Converting Online Forms 3


7. Use The Best Format For Each Field

There are many different formats available to help simplify the data entry process, from open text to radio buttons and drop down boxes.  Using a specific type of field format for a certain type of data can streamline the process.

For instance a radio button is beneficial for visually listing options rather than clicking on a dropdown box.


8. Provide Customers With A Confirmation Message

Internet connections can be fickle things at times so clearly shown on screen confirmation message will let the user know they have successfully completed the form.  This should be followed up by a confirmation email with the details they have submitted.


9. Split Up Long Forms

Long forms can seem daunting for people simply wanting to make a purchase or enquiry.  For check out processes particularly, breaking up a form into it’s core parts can help the user to focus on the parts of the process.

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Forms are an integral part of any business’s online space.  Getting the functionality of your online forms right can ensure more visitors complete the form and therefore your ability to establish on going communication with them.