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6 Tips For Improving Your Facebook Content Strategy

Facebook is constantly updating the way it's News Feed operates, over the years this has been to the detriment of organic post reach.  For businesses using Facebook as a way to connect with their audience it is a continuous process of keeping up to date with the changes to make sure they are maximising their potential reach with audience.

With that in mind, here are our latest tips for making use of the latest updates in your Facebook strategy.

Think from the POV of the Fan

Keep in mind the perspective of the fan. It is common for businesses to push out communications that they want their followers to hear.  However in this age of media saturation this approach can come across as a sales pitch.

Instead focus on understanding their interests or what they want to know about and providing content that is funny, informative or timely.  


Use Insights Tabs To Evaluate Best Performing Posts

Facebook pages provide Insights that are invaluable for helping to work out what posts your followers are engaging with.

Page insights can help work out:

  • When your audience is online, therefore when the best time to post.
  • What posts they most engaged with.
  • The demographics of your audience.
  • The organic and paid reach of your posts.
  • What format of post people engaged with most, e.g. links, photos, videos.

Using these insights you can refine your content and methods based on what posts receives more engagement.


Tailor Your Posts For Mobile

With the number of daily mobile Facebook users at 798 million you can be sure that a high percentage of your audience is seeing your content on a mobile.  Making sure your posts are tailored for mobile will ensure your message is well received.

Tips for posting for mobile users:

  • Put the key message of the post at the top of the post.
  • Ensure any links direct to mobile friendly websites.
  • Include engaging links, images and text.


Use The 70 / 20 / 10 Rule

As mentioned earlier your online audience is used to being constantly bombarded with sales pitches and will switch off if you focus too much on sales orientated content.

A good rule of thumb for maintaining an engaged follower is the 70/20/10 rule:

  • 70% content that provides value to the fan, i.e. tips, useful information.
  • 20% interesting content shared from related sources.
  • 10% promotional content with a call to action.


Promote Your Page With Facebook Ads

The organic reach of Facebook page posts has been diminished over the years.  The tips in this post can help to increase your reach to a point.  In order to get that added push in terms of audience reach selective promotion is an effective way of getting your important messages seen.

Tips for using Facebook Ads:

  • Create ads to target specific audiences that are likely to engage.
  • Create custom audiences using email database to target those customers that don't like your page.
  • Use local awareness ads (when they become available in NZ)

Take a look at our Back To Basics: Creating Facebook Adverts

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Include Video Content

Whether you create your own or share a relevant source, video is the most engaging content online at the moment.  Facebook recently including a specific insight tab to let users know the level of interaction a page's videos get.

Here is an example of the average engagement rates of video, photos and links.

6 Tips For Improving Your Facebook Content Strategy 2