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6 Qualities Of Exceptional Brand Ambassadors

A brand ambassador is a spokesperson for your brand that can effectively promote your product or service on offer.  Acting as an extension of your brand's values and identity it is essential care is taken when recruiting staff for your next event.

All the ideas, planning and efforts of any campaign rely on the qualities of the brand ambassador to the deliver the experience to the consumer in the field.

An effective brand ambassador needs to demonstrate the following qualities:



A brand ambassador is required to execute an experience that reflects the values of the brand.  They must quickly absorb and understand the offering, the key messages of the campaign and the broader ideals of the brand.



They must be able to convey a positive impression and deliver the key message in a concise and clear way.  At events brand ambassadors have limited time to interact with busy consumers so communicating the brands message needs to be done quickly yet clearly.



Having X-factor to capture and retain the attention of consumer's as they encounter them is important.  However there is a definite line between being able to capture someone's attention and being a nuisance.    

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Events are often subject to change, brand ambassadors need to be resilient to this and respond in a positive way.  Being able to adapt to changes in a variety of potential changes and maintain consistency of delivery is an important skill for a brand ambassador.



A dependable and consistent brand ambassador who turns up on time and knows the drill helps build consistent brand representation to their audience.  



At certain events the brand being represented is an offering where a special skill is beneficial.  For instance for a technology brand, a tech savvy ambassador is going to be of added benefit.

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