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10 Ways To Increase Your Email Sign Ups

Email marketing has maintained it's popularity over the years due to it's effectiveness in delivering on a number of objectives including, awareness, acquisition, conversion and retention according to research conducted by Extole last year.  

That same report found email marketing to be by far the most effective for the objective of customer retention.

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Maintaining and growing an email database needs to be a priority for those looking for cost effective ways to ensuring an ongoing connection with your customer base.  So here are 10 ways to improve your email signups:  


1. Place A Signup Form On Every Page

Much of your website traffic will likely land on pages other than your homepage.  In these situations placing a signup page viewable on each page is going to give more opportunity for browsers to signup for your updates.

For first time visitors a signup box that pops up have been proven to be an effective way for increasing signups as it alerts the browser to the presence of a newsletter.  You should however be careful to avoid annoying the browser with a obtrusive pop up.  This can be done by including a close box button and a tracking cookie that prevents the pop up from reappearing once the browser has closed it.

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Keep The Sign Up Information To The Essentials

Putting it simply, less required fields equals more conversions.  So only include the essential information fields necessary to maintain a connection with the subscriber.  Obviously some situations require additional information but think about getting the visitor on the list first and gathering additional details later.  A special offer or competition at a later date could help to gather extra details from the subscriber. keeps it super simple with an email address and sex to determine which content the subscriber will receive.  Obviously they will be able to gather extra data once they manage to convert them to an online sale.

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Highlight Incentives For Signing Up

Let the visitor know what benefit they can expect to receive from the mailing list.  They could be 'exclusive specials', ' invaluable insights' or 'special events'.  People need to be compelled to join your mailing list.  Additionally ensure you let any subscriber now what to expect and how often.


Include A Facebook Signup Call-To-Action Button

Facebook recently added a Call-To-Action button to it's company pages.  One of the options is 'Sign Up' lending itself well to setting it up for encouraging visitors to your Facebook page to signup to your newsletter.  Visit here for help in setting up your Facebook Call-To-Action button.

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Use Twitter Ads To Promote Mailing List

Twitter's lead generation card can be used to allow people to signup to your mailing list from their feed.  

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Provide Content Snippets, Require Signup For Full Content

If you are regularly producing remarkable content that attracts significant attention you could consider providing a teaser with signup required to obtain access to the full content.  Hubspot uses this to great effect with many of it's white papers made available once a visitor signups to the mailing list.


Place A Signup Form At The Bottom Of Blog Posts

So someone has got to your site by searching 'Tips to increase your email signups'.  They have read the entire article so were obviously interested in what you had to say.  Here's an opportunity to get them to signup to receive related information in the future.  

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Include A Signup Link In Your Email Signatures

Your email signature provides another opportunity to invite people to signup to your newsletter.  Encouraging your regular contacts to receive your updates will help to maintain connections longer term potentially leading to future sales opportunities.

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Test Signup Forms

Try our different copy, buttons, colours and placement using A/B tests to measure the best converting combinations.  Establish benchmark conversion rates and test different elements tracking results for optimal conversion.

Growing an email list takes time and commitment but sticking with it can be an effective tool in your digital marketing mix for keeping in touch with your target audience.