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Social Media Wrap | December 2015

Plenty of new and exciting updates in the social media area lately, here's our wrap of the top news for December.



Live Video & Collages

Facebook is set to take on the likes of Persicope with its Live Video feature allowing live streaming to people via their News Feed.

Users will be able to add a short description, invite people to view, see the number of viewers as well as comments.  Once the live stream ends the video will saved to one's timeline as a video.

Social Media Wrap December 2015 1

Collages provide a new way for users to display photos and videos.  As Facebook says it is a "new way to share experiences captured with your phone’s camera by grouping photos and videos that were taken together into a scrolling, moving collage."

Social Media Wrap December 2015 2


Updated Page Tools

Facebook has introduced a redesigned Inbox to it's Pages to make it easier for business to interact with their customers.  

New Inbox Features:

- See past interactions the person has had with the Page.

- Information the person shares publicly on their profile e.g. current city.

- Admins can add notes about a customer.

- Add tags to a conversation for future reference. 

Social Media Wrap December 2015 3

New Page Plugins For Messages And Events

Adding to it's Page Plugin developed earlier this year, Facebook introduces two new features designed to help connect with customers on their websites.  


Using the Page Plugin your customers will now be able to easily message your business without ever leaving your website.

Social Media Wrap December 2015 4


The Page Plugin also enables people can to discover and interact with events from your Page, right on your website

  • One place to manage event details: Any modifications you make to the event on your Facebook Page will automatically be reflected on your website within the Page plugin.
  • Subscribe functionality: People can now subscribe to your events directly from your website, and they'll be notified whenever you create a new event in their area.
  • A more social events calendar: People who are connected to your Page can now see 
which of their friends are going to the same event, bringing social context to the event calendar on your website.
  • A localized experience: For events being organized in multiple cities, the most relevant event will be highlighted for a given person based on where he or she is located.

Facebook Most Talked About Global Topics For 2015

Getting in on the end of year lists Facebook has complied the events that got the most attention on the social network in its .





New Look For Twitter Photos

Twitter has introduced two new ways photos will display in user's timeline.  

  • Uncropped photos - "so you can experience and present them as they were meant to be viewed."

Social Media Wrap December 2015 5

  • Larger more stylised multi-photo displays - to "bring out more of each photo."

Social Media Wrap December 2015 6

Twitter Is Testing A Facebook Style News Feed

Twitter has begun testing a new timeline feature that appears to reorder the standard chronological feed in some kind of relevance based order.  As Slate reports, people are hating it.  It will be interesting to see how Twitter proceeds with this 'test'.

Twitter Begins Testing Promoted Tweets To Logged Out Users 

Expanding on it's ad syndication program Twitter is looking at how it can let advertisers "reach the over 500 million people who visit Twitter each month to keep in touch with what’s happening without logging in."  For more information visit the Twitter blog here.

This #YearOnTwitter

And the end of year lists continues with Twitter's top trending #hashtags of the year.

"Today, with our exclusive image partner @GettyImages, we’ve unveiled the #YearOnTwitter at It’s a place to look back at the most Retweeted Tweets, the most popular trends (and emojis!), and how 2015 unfolded across the world on Twitter."

Broken down into Most Influential, New Voices, Most Retweeted, Top Trending,   take a look at the list at



Introducing The Instagram Partner Program

Instagram has launched it's Partner Program as a way to provide marketing tools for simplifying and scaling businesses success.

With 40 partners focussing on 3 areas of expertise to provide help on Instagram.

  1. Advertising Tech - assist in managing the ad process.
  2. Community Management - provide insight to understand and interact with the Instagram community.
  3. Content Marketing - help with the creation, curation and sourcing of content for Instagram.

Social Media Wrap December 2015 7

Multiple Instagram Account Support Coming Soon

Good news for social media managers looking after several accounts as reports are that Instagram is beginning to test functionality for multiple accounts.  

As reported by Social Media Today the new update will allow you to add an account and then switch between account in stream.



LinkedIn Launches Updated App

LinkedIn has released it's latest app streamlining it's functionality into 5 key areas:

  1. Your Feed
  2. Me
  3. My Network
  4. Messaging
  5. Search



Google Photos Update For Easy Sharing

Google has made it simpler to share photos from Google Photos.  

"With today’s launch, you can now make the albums you send collaborative. People receiving the shared album can join to add their own photos and videos, and also get notifications when new pics are added. You can even save photos and videos from a shared album to your Google Photos library, so that you can hold onto them even if you weren’t the one holding the camera."



SnapChat Introduces Story Explorer

With Story Explorer Snapchat has created a way to go beyond the individual view of a moment.

Story Explorer makes it possible to experience a moment from multiple perspectives using technology enabling you to swipe up to see more snaps from the same moment.