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It's not just the All Blacks that win gold

BTL Source out-paced the opposition, winning back to back Gold for the fourth successive year at Australasia's merchandising industry showcase APPA Awards night.

Our bespoke Shortland Street "Love Hurts" perfume proved irresistible to the judges...

TVNZ wanted  to maintain viewer interest during the show's summer hiatus by asking viewers to create their own endings to each romantic cliff-hanger. Winning online entries would receive a prize.

They tasked us to create 100 bottles of Shortland Street  'Love Hurts' fragrance, which had to reflect a sexy and scandalous image.  Finding a New Zealand perfumer to create the fragrance, we sourced beautiful, square bottles and arranged for laser-etched artwork on the glass, numbering each bottle to highlight their rarity.

Winners of the 'What Happens Next' online competition won a bottle of the fragrance. Tens of thousands of viewers headed to the site to read content or to enter to win the highly-coveted fragrance. The rest of the bottles drove PR via the show’s Facebook page.

We delivered ahead of schedule and on budget to the delight of TVNZ – the product far surpassing expectations in terms of quality and attention to detail.