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7 Digital Marketing Trends For 2016

With 2016 just around the corner we took a look at what the year ahead could have in store for digital marketing.

7 Digital Marketing Trends For 2016

Mobile To Become No.1 Screen

This year saw mobile web search surpass desktop for the first time in history.  This follows mobile web traffic passing desktop last year and a prediction of smartphone ecommerce revenue to do the same next year.  

2016 will highlight the need to not only be mobile friendly but more specific about being responsive for different devices.

Integration Of Digital With Traditional Marketing

While we believe that digital marketing should now be considered simply as marketing one of the major challenges marketers face is how digital and traditional marketing works together.

One major challenge marketers need to overcome in order to effectively deliver integrated marketing efforts is to remove the barriers or silos between departments involved in them.  This will help to plan, execute and deliver campaigns with input from all stake holders.

For a detailed but easily readable article on this take a look at Moz's post on Integrating Traditional Marketing With Digital


Rise Of Video Ads

This year saw a significant increase in the amount of video adverts online.  Next year will see this continue this trend as more jump onboard.  Those marketers that pay attention to best practice when creating their videos will reap the rewards.  

For more insights into what toexpect from video in 2016 take a look at Video Mrketing Trends For 2016 by 16 Experts


Delivering ROI On Inbound Marketing

With inspiration from Hubspot's State Of Inbound 2015 report we attempted to tackle the number one challenge marketers face, proving ROI of Inbound Marketing.  From that we came up with 5 Key Inbound Marketing Metrics To Track and Linking The Sales Cycle To Inbound

The challenge of proving ROI for inbound will still be a challenge in 2016 so keep an eye on a post from us that ties the previous two posts to one about how to measure ROI for Inbound Marketing.


Use Of Crowd Sourced Content

We mentioned it in our post 7 Tips For Excellent Instagram Ads, that the chances are your customers are likely to be as savvy if not more when it comes to creating branded content for your business.  This is something that is likely to increase in 2016 with the benefits of it being an inexpensive source of content that engages with your audience and helps to provide insight into your customers.


Personalisation Marketing

Personalised marketing is an attempt by marketers to highly tailor your offering and delivery to a specific person.  Using information that digital marketing tools can provide personalisation can reach the recipient in a way that is unique to them.  

To get an idea of ways that personalisation can be used effectively, take a look at 5 Incredible Examples of Personalized Marketing


Pay To Play For Brands On Social Media

The monetisation of many of the social media platforms roll on with the behemoth Facebook set to exceed 17 billion in ad revenue in 2016.  While this pay to play idea is not new to us by now making sure we harness it efficiently is going to ensure it is used well.

A priority for 2016 should be a more involved understanding of the social media advertising platforms and a detailed strategy in place to avoid a hit and hope situation where ad spend is wasted.

Bring On 2016 

In researching for this post we came across many other digital marketing trends that will emerge in 2016.  For those wanting to get the jump on 2016 here are some links for more of hat to watch out for.

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