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5 Top Xmas Marketing Tips

With Xmas fast approaching now seemed as good as anytime to provide some practical marketing tips to use for the holiday period.


1. Focus On Creating Mobile Friendly Landing Pages

This year has seen the continued rise of mobile web traffic.  With that comes customers expectation that they can achieve all they want on their mobile.  Here are some key areas to consider.

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2. Reconnect With Inactive Customers 

Christmas can be a good time to reengage past customers that haven't purchased from you lately.  Using your customer database to create a segment of inactive customers that are given a discount code to motivate them to reconnect.

Alternatively you can choose to reward your most loyal and active customers with a special offer.  


3. Maximise Your Local Search Potential

For those last minute shoppers Google is going to be their friend for finding the closest store for their Xmas gift ideas.  Make sure you have maximised your local search by taking a look at our post covering Optimising Your Business For Local Search

5 Top Xmas Marketing Tips 2 


4. Repurpose Social Media Content

No doubt things are moving quickly at the tail end of the year.  Finding the time to create content for emails, blog posts can be time consuming.  So make use of you social media updates to repurpose them for emails.  Chance are many of your followers didn't see it or if they did it will serve as a reminder.


5. Reinvigorate Your Facebook Approach

With all the Facebook updates it can be useful to ensure you are taking advantage of their newest features. 

In addition Facebook has put together a useful checklist for retailers to get the most from the holiday period.