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Weekly Digital Wrap: 10th August 2015

In this week's digital wrap, Google introduces new way to create display ads, Instagram opens adverts to all and Facebook's Messenger provides new ways for businesses to communicate with their followers. 

Google Adwords Creates Easier Way To Create Display Ads

Google has made it easier to create display ads by offering a list of objectives designed to "meet the needs of marketers small and large, across many industries".

  • Build awareness: e.g. an auto manufacturer looking to promote a new SUV model

  • Influence consideration: e.g. a home electronics brand encouraging customers to research its new washer/dryers

  • Drive action: e.g. a hotel hoping to get customers to book rooms; a dentist wanting new patients to call; or an app developer looking to drive installs

Weekly Digital Wrap - 10th August 2015 1


Instagram Opens Its Adverts To All

Instagram has opened up it's advertising API (application programming interface) allowing any advertising network access to it's 300 million users.  The release of it's API follows a trial period where it worked with a select group of advertisers to maintain a high standard of advert.  Time will tell what effect opening up access to all will have on the quality of ads seen on Instagram.


Facebook  Includes New Ways For Business Pages To Connect With People

Facebook has created new ways for businesses to interact with people.  

  • Send private messages to a Page from local awareness ads.

  • Displaying 'Responsiveness' badges to help people identify responsive Pages.

  • Reply to comments privately with a message.

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Twitter Introduces New Ad Editor

Twitter has produced a new ad editor that makes it simple to update adverts in bulk.  Advertisers can now use an Excel template to update multiple campaigns by uploading it to apply changes.

Twitter has also provided two new ways for buying adverts for mobile apps.  

Weekly Digital Wrap - 10th August 2015 3

  • Optimized action bidding enables you to bid on the install rather than the app click, maintaining scale while driving increased campaign efficiencies. During beta testing, this format resulted in double-digit percentage decreases in cost per installs compared to buying on cost per app click, at the same level of spend.

  • Cost per install bidding allows you to bid and pay for the app install — ensuring that you only pay when your Twitter campaign drives an install. Among our beta partners, this model lowered costs by 20-30%.


French Airline Sells Flights Via Snacks

French airline Transavia came up with an innovative way to promote it's affordable flights by taking it's offer direct to the consumer.  The #SnackHolidays campaign adverted available flights for purchase from tickets in snacks: gummy sweets, a cereal bar and potato chips.


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