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How To Make Popup Forms Work For You

Pop up forms are generally seen as an irritating for a browser's experience.  However several reputable websites have demonstrated that when done correctly can be a highly effective way of growing a customer database.  

In this post we will cover the types of pop ups and provide some best practice tips to follow when installing one on your website.


Types Of Pop Ups

Email List Signup:

One of the more common type of pop up with the specific objective of gaining email subscribers.  By capturing a browser's email when they show interest in your site you make it possible to keep in touch with them in the future with content that draws

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Exit Intent:

Exit intent pop ups use technology that tracks the browsers movement and displays a opt-in form when they take actions to leave the page.  This provides an opportunity to interrupt them with a message directing them to a call-to-action.


Abandon Cart:

These are a type of exit pop up specifically designed for ecommerce sites.  They display a pop up to visitors that go to leave your site with items in their cart, providing an opportunity to capture email information to send a abandon cart email in future.  

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Feedback Forms

Creating a pop up form to seek feedback from browsers can be a good way of obtaining valuable insight into how your site meets the needs of its visitors.  This type of form can also be useful as a support form enabling a browser to easily get in touch from any page without having to find your contact form.


Promote An Offer

A pop up form can be a highly effective way of promoting a current offer.  Have a sale on or a a new product to showcase, a pop up box can notify your browsers.



Making A Popup Work For You  

Use A Tracking Cookie

We all know that popups have the potential to annoy browsers.  So when using a popup you need to ensure that a visitor to your website is not repeatedly shown a form they have removed or already completed.  Installing a tracking cookie to identify when visitor has previously seen the form will avoid this.  


Get To The Point

A user is going to make a split second decision on what to do with your form.  Having a clear and direct form will help guide the user to the desired outcome.  When promoting your offer provide a clear benefit to the action, be it special offers or latest

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Timing Is Key  

When your popup form displays will determine if a form is a positive or a negative for your site.  Display it too soon and you risk the browser bouncing off your site.  So give the visitor time to absorb the site, that way they are more likely to be receptive to the idea of signing up for future contact.  

Consider triggering the popup after a minute of the visitor being on the site or when they click through to a second page of the site.  Another option is to trigger the popup after a certain amount of scrolling down a page.


Make It Easy To Remove

It is very important to make sure any pop up forms are easily to exit, otherwise any potential benefit will quickly turn into a frustrated user leaving your website. A simple X button will be sufficient to let users easily continue on their way.  

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Make A Mobile Friendly Pop Up Form

And don't forget to make sure your pop up form is useable on a mobile.  Pay attention to ensuring it can be read without zooming in, that input forms are sized responsively and the exit button is displayed correctly.