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7 Tactics To Increase Email Click Through Rates

Email marketing has maintained its relevancy for marketers thanks to the availability of software as a service providers like Campaign Monitor or Mailchimp.

But creating your email campaigns is only half of the process.  Delving into the metrics these programs provide help to understand how your campaigns are performing and where you can look to improve them.


Email Metrics To Monitor

Open Rate - The number of people you opened your email divided by number of emails sent, less any that bounced.  

An open rate helps to indicate if your overall email content is appealing to your subscribers.  A decreasing open rate could suggest recipients interest is waning.  Open rate is also influenced heavily by an email's subject line.  Take a look at our post on 5 Tips to Inspire Better Email Subject Lines for ways to improve subject lines.

Click Rate – The number of people who clicked on more than one link in an email.  This shows the percentage of recipients that clicked on a link in your email.  

This is a very useful metric for understanding actual interest in the content of your email.  Many people will open a email, it is the next stage of clicking through to a link that demonstrates an additional level of engagement.  

Links Clicked - Keep an eye on the most popular links that people clicked on.  Can you isolate a particular element of that link that was popular.  Was it a certain topic?  Was it a giveaway?

An insight into popular links can inform the types of content to repeat and conversely which to question whether your resources can justify.

Unsubscribes - Unsubscribes are inevitable for any list, your job as a email marketer is to minimise their occurrence.  If you encounter a large number of unsubscribes take a look at your frequency of emails and if your content is engaging subscribers ie link views.


For more detail about email metrics and benchmarks by industry take a look at Campaign Monitor’s page on email campaign reporting.


In this post I am going to focus on ways to improve click through rates as they are a highly effective way of evaluating your recipients engagement level with your email’s content.


Tactics For Improving Click Throughs


1. Information Gap

The idea behind an information gap is to pique a person’s interest by revealing part of the story leaving them curious to find out more.  In an email this works by requiring them to click through to find out more.

Buzzfeed new stories use this as a tactic to get readers to click through to read their articles. Just make sure that when using this tactic that your content lives up to expectation otherwise you risk disappointing your reader impacting their likeliness to click through in the future.


2. Social Proof

Giving evidence of others that have used your service or product is a way of providing social proof. This could come in the form of testimonials or reviews that show that a product or service has received favourable feedback.  


3. A/B Test Different Email Designs

With the advances in email delivery services it is possible to test different email layout, designs and features.  For instance, if you had the idea of changing a link button’s design, creating an A/B test with your database would determine with metrics which was the more effective in improving click through rates.

An A/B test would involve creating two versions of an email, one unchanged (A), one with an updated link button (B).  By sending the A version to half of your list and B to the other you can compare the click through rate of each to evaluate if the change improves the campaign’s performance or not.


4. Avoid Filler Content

Sometimes it can be hard to find enough content to justify an email, however including filler content can be more negative than beneficial.  It can distract from your quality content and let

Think about what your audience engages with when considering if certain content is in keeping with their interests.

Having said this, don’t be afraid to experiment with content, just make sure you keep an eye on its link clicks to evaluate whether it is appealing to your audience.  


5. Tailor Emails To Segments

Delivering content that is hits the right time and interest zone is going to have much more success at enticing a recipient to click through.  This is where segmenting your email database can pay off by tailoring content, information or products that is most relevant to the

Some areas to begin segmenting:

  • Geographic location to tailor content by local events.
  • Gender to deliver products for men or women, eg. clothing.
  • Interests, tailored to different product categories eg. Books, DVDs, Magazines.
  • Customer activity, eg. target inactive customers with an offer.


6. Personalise Emails

Including a recipients name in the subject line has been proven to increase Open Rates.  

As a recipient can’t click through to a link without opening the email so an increased open rate gives more potential for link clicks.

Hubspot also quoted research that showed personalised emails increase CTRs by 14%

7. Limit Click Through Options To Essentials

If you are sending an email campaign with a specific offer or to send recipients to a particular page, consider simplifying it by removing all but a clear link to your intended destination.

With clear call to action recipients will have less to distract them elsewhere.


By using these tactics you will be able to compare future click through rates with your current benchmarks to track how interactive your recipients are with your email content.  Any significant deviations up or down will help to indicate whether the content is having a positive or negative effect on your ability to connect with your audience.

Should you require assistance in setting up or developing a email marketing campaign get in touch via the contact form below.

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